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Beamex® MCS200 Calibration Workstation

The MCS200 is a modular test and calibration system for workshops and laboratories. MCS200 offers efficient and ergonomic facilities for the maintenance of process instruments.

Beamex® MC5P Calibration Host Module

The MC5P is a versatile calibrator with many different functions. It can be used for calibrating pressure, temperature, electrical and frequency signals. The MC5P is delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate. Using the MC5P together with calibration software provides you with a complete documenting calibration system that produces calibration certificates automatically. Although modern fieldbus transmitters have been improved compared to older transmitter models, it does not eliminate the need for calibration. The MC5P is a combination of a multifunction calibrator and a fieldbus configurator and it can be used for calibrating Foundation Fieldbus H1 or Profibus PA transmitters.

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