Humidity Calibration Systems
Finally…. A Portable Humidity & Temperature Generator/Calibrator that Stabilizes in less than 5 minutes, has the Capacity to Calibrate 12 Probes and can Complete Calibrations Automatically! Manufacturer Neutral – Compatible, not just with Vaisala probes but with all other manufacturer’s probes/sensors including; Rotronic, E+E, Sontay, etc.. – See more at: http://howardinstrumentation.ie/product-category/brands/kaymont-brand/#sthash.EgxEkgfO.dpuf

  • Digital Electronics for Precise Control
  • Fast Response with Typical Time of 3 Minutes for a 50% Change
  • Fast Chamber Equilibrium Over Entire Operating Range
  • Excellent Uniformity and Stability Assures Accurate Calibration
  • Certification Provided by NVLAP Accredited Laboratory Using NIST Traceable Instrumentation and Methodology
  • Affordable Systems with Superior Specifications and Performance

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