Total Cold Chain Control

The Cold Chain Solution provides you with all the information that you need about your product, from the point of origin to the customer’s shopping basket. Whether your product is manufactured or grown; refrigerated or ambient; alive or dead; you will have total assurance about its transportation and storage, from beginning to end.

Benefit from the advanced, secure data systems developed by Euroscan. Have unmatched operational control over your fleet and static operations. Enjoy the luxury of a System Solution that brings vital data to the right people, at the right time – automatically!

Point of Origin

Provides full temperature monitoring of manufacturing and storage areas with automatic, remote alarms, right up to the point of loading.

Long Haul

Monitor temperature, vehicle data, load security. Full international compliance. Real time location provides accurate ETA’s at the distribution centre, saving time and money.

DC Operations

Timed arrivals and departures give improved performance. Total control of goods on-site right up to disbursement to delivery fleet.

Local Deliveries

Accurate route planning to better optimize fleet usage, prevents underused vehicles and drivers, and minimizes fuel use. Provide accurate delivery times to retail outlets and of course temperature monitoring.

Retail Outlets

Shops, hospitals, schools, etc. benefit from dependable and accurate deliveries enabling them to be more
efficient and profitable in their performance to the customer. Complete temperature monitoring will also be pursued in stock, refrigerated display cabinets, and refrigerators.

Features include:

  • Instant information
  • Temperature data and alarms
  • Real-time location
  • Stop duration
  • Maintenance issues
  • Late routes and drivers
  • HACCP journals
  • Documentation covering entire Cold Chain


  • Participate in synergy effects
  • Increase shelf time
  • Eliminate finger pointing
  • Optimize your routes

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