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EuroBASE monitoring and archiving

EuroBASE is our software module for central data storage. EuroBASE helps you improve analysis of critical temperature data, enabling you to improve your business processes.


  • cost-savings through central storage of data/measurements
  • measurement data available at all times
  • quality improvement through optimal data analysis
  • conformity with the legal requirements
  • improved market position through more extensive service offerings
  • your customer has online access to measurement data

EuroBASE features:

  • centralised data archiving
  • access to all data via both Microsoft® Windows®- and web-based user interfaces
  • custom reporting
  • real-time* temperature monitoring and vehicle location determination
  • temperature alarm and status notifications

* depending on selected communication option

Automatic temperature registration, anywhere and any time! With EuroCOM we offer communication options for all our temperature recorders so you can read out data whenever you like: when the vehicle is stationary, automatically when it enters the depot, or in real-time during transport. With the latter option you know exactly where your freight is located, and under what conditions, every moment of the day. In emergencies you can even choose to intervene via an operator. If the temperature rises, for example, you can have your valuable products taken directly to the closest refrigeration centre.
All the Euroscan communication products are tested and certified in conformance with R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC.

  • automatic compliance with new industry standards such as HACCP and (EC) 178/2002
  • better guarantee of quality
  • growing customer satisfaction
  • savings on insurance premiums
  • savings on labour costs
  • quick return on investment

Do you know where your valuable cargo is? Is your trip planning optimised for maximum efficiency?
With EuroTRACE you can easily and accurately determine the real-time location of your vehicle on a digital map, which includes temperature data. EuroTRACE collects historical trip information that helps you improve the efficiency of your route planning. In addition, you always have proof of timely and correct delivery, and you can expand the range of services you provide your customers by giving them online access to the data.
EuroTRACE is an expansion module for the Euroscan X-series, based on plug & play. The module can be installed at the time of purchase or at any later time. A complete system consists of a GPS receiver integrated in the temperature recorder that is linked to the Euroscan EuroCOM communication system and EuroBASE.

  • real-time, accurate location determination of your vehicles on a digital map, including temperature data for the cargo
  • historical trip data
  • proof of timely delivery
  • position and temperature available via PC network or EuroWeb interface
  • expansion of services – provide customers with access to data via EuroWeb

EuroCOM modular solutions:

  • GSM/GPRS communication
  • digital (mid-range) radio communication
  • infra-red data transfer
  • monitoring software with automatic alarm functions
  • software analyses and storage of data

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