Beamex CMX Professional

Beamex CMX Professional Calibration Software

Product Description

Beamex CMX Professional

Beamex CMX Professional. Who calibrated? What? When? What were the results? Plan, manage and document all your calibration information efficiently and safely using Beamex’s CMX Professional calibration management software. CMX Professional is calibration management software with wide customization possibilities. It is suitable for large and medium-sized companies, which require an advanced, efficient calibration system that meets their specific needs. Installing CMX Professional and using it to its fullest potential improves the productivity and quality of a company’s calibration system. It’s faster, easier and more accurate than “pen and paper” -based calibration procedures. Once a calibration task has been completed, CMX Professional records the calibration history together with timestamps, electronic signatures, record status, and a complete audit trail. These functions are especially necessary in regulated industry, where routine calibration operations are required to indicate that quality-critical instruments continue to perform within the defined tolerances. The records that are produced must be stored and be retrievable upon demand to demonstrate to an auditor that the plant is being maintained to an acceptable level.

• Easy-to-use, modern software with many configuration possibilities.
• Provides traceable and auditable calibration reports.
• Meets regulatory requirements (ISO, FDA, etc.).
• Paperless documentation and calibration management.
• Can be integrated into a maintenance management system (e.g. SAP, Maximo).
• Built-in communication with documenting calibrators.
• Pocket PC interface for manual data entry with a PDA.
• 4th generation Beamex Calibration Management Software (started in 1984).