Beamex MC4
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Beamex MC4 Documenting Process Calibrator

Product Description

Beamex MC4

The Beamex MC4 is a documenting process calibrator. Instrument data can be sent from a computer to the MC4, and calibration results can be uploaded from the MC4 to a computer using the Beamex CMX calibration software. Being a multifunctional calibrator, MC4 is suitable for calibrating various process parameters, such as pressure, temperature and electrical signals. High accuracy is one of the important features of the MC4. A standard feature of the MC4 includes an accredited calibration certificate as proof of its accuracy. The correction coefficients of a PRT probe can be programmed into MC4 to further improve the temperature accuracy. The large graphical display, menu-based multilingual user interface, and full numerical keyboard make it easy to learn and use the MC4.

Communication with calibration software
Using the MC4 together with calibration software provides you with a complete documenting calibration system that produces calibration certificates automatically.

All-in-one functionality

The MC4 is a versatile calibrator with many different functions. There’s no need to take several different measurement devices to the field, MC4 does the job.

Accuracy guaranteed

The MC4 is a highly accurate process calibrator. As a proof of this, each calibrator is delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate.

Calibration is fast and easy

The large graphical display, menu-based multilingual user interface, and full numerical keyboard make the MC4 quick and easy to use.



• Internal pressure module
• External pressure modules


• RTD measurement / simulation
• TC measurement / simulation


• Resistance measurement / simulation
• Voltage measurement / generation
• Current measurement /generation
• Frequency measurement / generation
• Pulse counting/generation
• 24 VDC loop supply
• Switch sensing

Advanced features

• Calibration Mode
• Correction coefficients for PRT sensor
• Leak testing
• Step / Ramp
• Programmable alarms
• Damping
• Error % display
• Error display (input or output units)
• % display
• Scaling
• Deviation
• Redundance
• Difference
• Min / Max / Rate / Average / Additional Info
• Bar Graph
• User Setups


• Multilingual
• Large graphical display
• Menu based user interface

Standard accessories

• User guide
• Calibration certificate
• Internal rechargeable NiMH battery pack + battery charger
• Test leads and clips
• USB cable
• Adapter pressure connector – from G1/8” female to G 1/8” male with 60° internal cone (included in models with internal pressure module)

Optional accessories

• Pressure T-hose
• Soft carrying case
• Connection cable for external pressure modules
• Dry battery cartridge
• Calibration handpumps