Alarm Units

Series 2000FM Alarm Units

Product Description

The Series 2000FM Family of alarm units is UL and FM approved. The family consists of four instruments; 2132FM, 2116FM, 2208FM and 2204FM.

Universal input

A universal input circuit with an advanced analog to digital convertor samples the input and continuously corrects it for drift. This gives high stability and rapid response to process changes. High noise immunity is achieved by rejection of 50/60Hz pick-up and other sources of noise. The input covers all thermocouple types, Pt100 RTD linear millivolts or  milliamps or DC volts. Input filtering from 1.0 to 999.9 seconds is included.

Customized operation

Front panel LEDs provide a bright, clear display of the process value. Tactile push buttons insure positive operation.

Access to other parameters is simple and easy to understand and can be customized to present only those parameters that need to be viewed or adjusted. All other parameters are locked away under password protection. A digital input for alarm acknowledgement/reset is included as standard.

Alarm Operation

The alarms do not require acknowledgement during power up unless you are in an alarm condition. The alarms can only be acknowledged when the unit is out of the alarm condition. If the alarm is acknowledged before the unit is out of an alarm condition, the unit will ignore the acknowledgements.