6100a TUS Recorder

6100A TUS Recorder – Portable Temperature Uniformity Survey Recorder

Product Description

  • 15 High accuracy, universal T/C inputs
  • Sturdy, portable black case
  • 96MB internal memory for local archiving
  • 4GB Compact Flash memory card for additional storage (up to 8GB available)
  • Remote viewing and configuration
  • Automatic data transfer to local database
  • Audit trail
  • Batch functionality
  • 36 virtual channels (upgradable to 128)
  • TUS software & license


The 6100A TUS Recorder offers unrivalled input accuracy with a 125ms total sample rate for up to 15, high accuracy, universal temperature inputs. Features include its ability to:

  • Display and record the corrected thermocouple and recorder offsets in real time.
  • Create multiple configurations offline and load them locally via USB or remotely over Ethernet.
  • Easy to use interface providing you with minimum T/C, maximum T/C, and max T/C difference.
  • Once all data is collected and your report template is created, generate a report in a matter of minutes!


The 6100A TUS Recorder easily meets the requirements of AMS2750E (Table 3 Specification – Field Test Instrument +/-1ºF) -with instant on accuracy, an overall max error of +/-0.5ºF and high stability to minimize drift, this is a best in class device designed for the Heat Treating Industry. The portability of the TUS recorder makes it extremely versatile and with 15 thermocouple inputs, suitable for any small or medium sized furnace.

Storage capability

Your most valuable asset is the data you collected during the survey. Protection includes secure, unalterable data in .uhh format as well as, Audit Trail for 21 CFR Part 11 and Nadcap applications which record user login, changes made to configurations and use of unique usernames and passwords. With its internal 96MB for local archiving you can store up to over 2 years’ worth (internal) of data before you overwrite existing data but don’t worry; with up to 8GB of Compact Flash Memory and its capability to archive to a remote location via Ethernet, your storage capabilities are essentially limitless.

Touch screen display

The touch screen display on the 6100A TUS Recorder is easy to use ensuring faster productivity and minimal learning requirements. It also incorporates a ‘Pop Up’ full ‘QWERTY’ keyboard to facilitate easy data or message entry. There are no complicated button presses; you can create your own operator buttons, anywhere on the display.