139PP the alternative to oil filled remote seals


Product Description

For transmitting the pressure of corrosive, hot, gaseous or liquid media or other fluids tending to solidify or clot. The pressure exerted by the medium is converted in a 1:1 ratio into a pneumatic pressure. 139PP is mainly used as a remote seal for differential pressure measurement. For the repeater with zero suppression, the output is equal input plus suppression.

No height limitation in tank gauging application
Easy installation (no need of oil filling, no need of pipe welding)
Not affected by temperature change
Adjustable up to 10 bar (over-range protection up to 16 bar)
Price competitive solution

For tank gauging and tank gauging higher than 10m
For differential pressure measurement of fluids tending to solidify or clot
Use like a remote seal
Replace old 17R Foxboro pressure repeater
Designed for hazardous area Explosion Protection II 2 G c IIC T4/T6 ATEX – Constructive Design