Slim Fixed Point Cells
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Slim Fixed Point Cells

Product Description

Slim Fixed Point Cells

Slim Fixed Point Cells


The Isotech B8 30 130 Cell is small enough to fit into portable Dry Blocks such as the Venus and Europa models. For the larger blocks like the Oceanus Isotech recommend the B12 46 210 with its increased immersion depth.

Gallium and Mercury Cells

Like the B8 Cell the Slim Gallium Cell can be used in portable blocks like the Venus and Europa, or in stirred liquid baths. The Hydra and Orion have accessories available to support the cells.

Indium to Copper

Isotech’s Slim Cells have been in constant use since their introduction in 1990. The cells have always been made from the highest quality graphite and 6N (99.9999%) pure metals. After further investment in the lab, and gaining smaller uncertainties from UKAS, we reviewed and further refined our range of metal clad cells to give better accuracy and performance. The new professional ranges of cells have more metal inside providing an active immersion depth in the metal of 160mm.

Metal Clad

Isotech produced the first metal clad cells in 1990 and have much experience in the manufacture and calibration of high quality proven metal clad cells. Metal clad cells are recommend for all points from Indium to Aluminium.

Quartz Clad

These cells are recommended for Silver and Copper points, whilst available for the lower temperature points the metal clad versions are recommended as they are more robust, have the same performance and are more cost effective.

Equipment for Slim Cells

The Slim Cells can be used in the same apparatus as the larger cells, and the greater immersion depth will give the lowest uncertainties.