ActionPak® Signal Conditioner

Product Description

 ActionPak® Signal Conditioner

ActionPak® Signal Conditioner

Input Selection Typical Application Signal Conditioner
Description Model(Channels)
DC Voltage or Current
(V, mV, A, mA)
– Voltage/current scaling – Isolation
– Buffering
– Noise reduction
– Measuring peak singnals
– Ramp control
Isolator, field configurable AP4300
AP4380-2000/AP4380-2001AP4382 (single)
AP4390/AP4391/AP4392 (dual)
DC to Frequency AP7500/7501
Track-Hold / Peak-Hold
Process Function
DC Programmable Up / Down Ramp Generator AP4830
AC Voltage or Current
(V, mV, A, mA)
– Voltage/current scaling
– Isolation
– Buffering
– Noise reduction
Isolator, field configurable AP6380
(Types E, J, K, R, S, T, B)
– Temperature control
– Isolation
– Monitoring
– Data acquisition
Isolator, linearizing & field configurable AP4351
RTD (Types PT, NI CU) – Temperature control
– Monitoring
Linearizing / Non-Linear AP4151-2000
(0-100 ohm to 0-100K ohm)
– Tank level control
– Monitoring
– Data acquisition
– Resistance position
– Sensor and setpoint conditioning.
General purpose AP4003-0001
LVDT – Control, display, and recording of motion. General purpose AP6050
Frequency – Flow
– Velocity control or monitoring
– Motor speed control
– Scaling
– Pulse accumulation
– Integration
– Totalization
Isolator, field configurable AP7380
DC to frequency AP7501
Frequency Scaler AP7510
Strain Gauge
(1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 mV/V, 5V-10V Excitation)
– Pressure control
– Pressure status monitoring
– Load cell/weight conditioning
-Load cell/pressure data acquisition.
Isolator, field configurable AP4081
(100 ohm to 0-
100K ohm)
– Motorized valve control
– Damper
– Feedback on/off control
Valve-Positioner/Controller AP3200
Power Supplies
(also see Ultra SlimPak)
– Current loop supply, excitation. 24VDC supply AP9046


Signal conditioners amplify and condition weak signals generated by process sensors. They send signals long distances without being degraded by electrical noise. They are also used to drive useful devices such as indicators, alarms, controllers, computer interfaces and other process instrumentation.

AP4000 – AP9000 Series

The AP4000 to AP9000 Signal Conditioners are compact, electronic plug-in modules that take direct sensor inputs and signals and convert them in to useful high level signals. They operate directly from 120VAC power or 24VDC on some models.

The 4000 Series provides a complete line of interface and conditioning for temperature, pressure, flow, load and other process-sensing devices.

Four-Wire Transmitters

The 4000 Series are called “four-wire” transmitters since they operate from external line power (typically AC) — two wires for output signal, two wires for operating power. Outputs are conventional DC process signals such as 4-20mA or 0-10V, and are fully compatible with all important process instrumentation equipment, including other Action Pak modules. When AC power is impractical or not available, most 4000 Series are available with a DC option that can be operated from a 24VDC power source.


The practice of grounding remote sensors is usually advised to reduce noise pickup and protect equipment from being damaged by lightning or other high voltages. If both sensor and signal conditioner are grounded, it is possible to get an unwanted current, due to ground-to-ground potential differences, known as a ground loop. Ground loops degrade signal quality to the point of uselessness and can harm receiving equipment and personnel.

Isolation eliminates existing and potential ground loops, eliminates common mode voltage and checks power surges. Also, isolation simplifies the connection of loop elements by eliminating the need for special grounding systems.

Input Selection

Seven standard types of input are available to suit your process needs, other input types are available upon request.

• DC Voltage or Current
• Thermocouple
• Strain-Gauge
• Potentiometer
• AC Voltage or Current
• Frequency

Three-Year & Lifetime Warranties

Action Paks which contain our Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) have seventy percent fewer internal connections for higher reliability and carry a lifetime warranty. Other Action Paks are backed by Action Instruments’ exclusive three-year warranty.