Beamex MC5

Beamex MC5 (Discontinued)

Product Description

Beamex MC5

With Beamex MC5 accuracy meets versatility. You won’t find this calibrator collecting dust on the shelf in your workshop; it is always on the go. Beamex’s MC5 is the all-in-one documenting multifunction calibrator for calibrating pressure, temperature, electrical and frequency signals. The modular construction of the MC5 provides flexibility for user-specific requirements. For example, the MC5 can be ordered as a pressure or temperature stand-alone calibrator, and then later be expanded into a datalogging, versatile multifunction calibrator.

Accuracy guaranteed
The MC5 is a high accuracy calibrator. Each MC5 calibrator is delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate.

Made for tough use
The MC5 has IP65-rated robust casing with integrated impact protectors.

Modularity means versatility

The modular construction of MC5 provides flexibility. For instance, the MC5 can be ordered as a pressure or temperature stand-alone calibrator, and then later expand it into a data-logging, documenting multifunction calibrator.

Communication with calibration software

Using the MC5 together with calibration software provides you with a complete documenting calibration system that produces calibration certificates automatically.


• Internal pressure modules
• External pressure modules
• RTD measurement / simulation
• Resistance measurement / simulation
• TC measurement / simulation
• Current measurement / generation
• Voltage measurement / generation
• Low voltage measurement / generation
• Frequency measurement / generation
• Pulse counting / generation
• Switch testing
• PRT sensor customization functionality
• Communication with software*
• HART® communication*
• Multichannel datalogging*
• Pressure controller communication*
• Temperature dry-block communication*
• Foundation Fieldbus H1 or Profibus PA communication*



Base Unit (BU) Includes:

• Case, display, keyboard, battery pack
• Common electronics and connectors
• Common embedded software
• Communication port

Electrical Section (E):

• Measurement of mV, V, mA, Hz, kHz
• Generation of mA
• Other functions: pulse counting, switch testing, 24VDC loop supply, supply voltage for 4 wire pressure transducers, HART® communication (Optional)

Temperature & Electrical Section (ET):

• Measurement / simulation of: RTD’s, TC’s, Ohms
• Generation of: mV, V, mA, Hz, kHz, pulses
• Measurement of: mV

Reference Junction Module (RJ):

• Internal reference junction compensation for thermocouple measurement / simulation.

Internal Pressure Modules (INT):

• Multimode pressure modules
• Over pressure protected


• Multilingual
• Large graphical display
• Menu based user interface

Documenting capability

• Calibration results are automatically stored in the calibrator’s memory.
• Calibration results are automatically transferred from the calibrator’s memory to a computer or fully integrated calibration management system.

Fieldbus calibration

• Calibrate Foundation Fieldbus H1 or Profibus PA transmitters
• The MC5 is a calibrator and a fieldbus configurator in one unit
• Simultaneously simulating input and reading the digital output of a Fieldbus instrument
• View/edit transmitter configurations
• Perform transmitter trimming


• Foundation Fieldbus (H1) communication
• Profibus (PA) communication
• HART® communication
• Communication driver for Beamex® CMX
• Communication driver for Emerson AMSTM
• Multichannel datalogging
• Special temperature sensor curve (check availability)
• Pressure controller communication
• Temperature dry block communication

Standard accessories

• User guide
• Accredited Calibration Certificate
• Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
• Battery charger
• Test leads (1 pair per E module; 2 pairs per ET module)
• Clips (1 pair per E and ET module each)
• RS232 cable
• 20 bar T-hose set (if MC5 is equipped with INT100m…INT20C pressure modules)
• Low pressure hose set (if MC5 is equipped with INT 10mD pressure module)
• Carrying strap

Optional accessories

• Carrying case (soft)
• Env. temperature sensor
• Extra rechargeable NiMH battery pack
• Dry battery cartridge
• XPM cable (MC5 > XPM)
• Thermocouple plug set
• Connector set for barewire applications
• Additional 20 bar T-hose set
• 400 bar T-hose set