Action I/Q AC Powered – 4-wire Transmitters & Alarms

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Product Description

Action I/Q AC Powered – 4-wire Transmitters & Alarms

Action I/Q AC Powered – 4-wire Transmitters & Alarms

Limit Alarms
Q106 DC limit alarm
Q116 RTD limit alarm
Q126 Field configurable t/c limit alarm


Signal Conditioners
Q403 DC isolator (fast response time)
Q406 Field configurable DC isolator, optional excitation supply and dual outputs
Q436 Field configurable potentiometer to DC signal conditioner
Q446 Bridge Input, Field Configurable Signal Conditioner
Q466 AC Input Signal Conditioner
Q476 Field configurable frequency to DC isolator
Q486 Universal Input Field Configurable Signal Conditioner (via DIP switch or PC)


The ActionI/Q DIN rail mount package was developed to reduce the cost of signal conditioning. The two primary design considerations were to house as many channels of isolated I/O as possible and to reduce the wiring requirements in terms of the number of power connections and I/O disconnects. The idea was that providing more I/O channels per module would reduce per channel material cost and the wiring savings would make cost of ownership low in the long run.

The result was a narrow ¾ inch, plug in, DIN rail mount package with the capability to fit two full size printed circuit boards and provide up to 22 terminals for plug-in I/O. The ActionI/Q now enables Action Instruments to provide some of the most cost effective signal conditioning and isolation solutions in the world. Examples include the four channel RTD transmitter (model Q510) and the four channel (4-20mA) loop powered isolator (model Q500), from the Original ActionI/Q Series of multi-channel transmitters.

AC ActionI/Q Series

The AC powered ActionI/Q Series of four-wire transmitters offers many of the most advanced microprocessor and ASIC based signal conditioning solutions available. Field configurable and wide ranging, these modules are an off the shelf solution for most isolation, signal conditioning and limit alarm applications.

The benefits enjoyed by the users include lower spares inventories and quick availability for DC, RTD, thermocouple, potentiometer, strain gage, AC and frequency input signal applications. Push button calibration with Action’s unique TouchCal technology provides benefits in terms of increased stability, higher repeatability and accuracy since it replaces adjustment potentiometers which can be thermally sensitive and mechanically less reliable. Additional cost of ownership benefits are realized in terms of reduced calibration time from TouchCal technology and wiring savings from the I/QRail. The I/QRail is used to power all AC ActionI/Q modules and provides an added level of safety.

For temperature measurement, the model Q486 with patented Instant Accuracy cold junction compensation technology, is twice as accurate and four times as stable as older temperature measurement instruments. It can be field configured using DIP switches or PC configured, which reduces set up time to seconds.