ActionI/Q Loop Powered Signal Conditioners / Isolators

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ActionI/Q Loop Powered Signal Conditioners / Isolators

ActionI/Q Loop Powered Signal Conditioners / Isolators

Q501 Multi-channel Two-wire Transmitter
Q510 Multi-Channel, RTD Input, Two-wire Transmitter
Q520 Thermocouple Input, Isolating Two-wire Transmitter


Q500 Multi-channel Loop-powered Isolator

The ActionI/Q DIN rail mount package was developed to reduce the cost of signal conditioning. The two primary design considerations were to house as many channels of isolated I/O as possible and to reduce the wiring requirements in terms of the number of power connections and I/O disconnects. The idea was that providing more I/O channels per module would reduce per channel material cost and the wiring savings would make cost of ownership low in the long run.

The result was a narrow ¾ inch, plug in, DIN rail mount package with the capability to fit two full size printed circuit boards and provide up to 22 terminals for plug-in I/O. The ActionI/Q now enables Action Instruments to provide some of the most cost effective signal conditioning and isolation solutions in the world. Examples include the four channel RTD transmitter (model Q510) and the four channel (4-20mA) loop powered isolator (model Q500), from the Original ActionI/Q Series of multi-channel transmitters.

Original Action I/Q Series

The Original ActionI/Q Series consists of loop powered, two-wire and three wire transmitters for sensor signal inputs including DC Voltage, DC Current, Platinum 100 Ohm RTD and thermocouples. These DC powered, fixed ranged, multi channel signal conditioners and isolators offer stable 0.1% accuracy over operating ambient temperature range of 20° to 80°C. Their multi channel design ensures high density and low material cost. Plug in terminal sockets makes wiring quick and easy.

To isolate a powered 4-20mA loop, the Q500 loop powered isolator is available for one, two or four channel applications. Direct DC inputs, voltage or current can be specified by range for the Q501 two-wire transmitter with 4-20mA output, available in one or two channels. The Q510 two-wire transmitter provides two or four RTD input channels and the Q520 two-wire transmitter provides two channels for the most popular thermocouple types and ranges.