carbon potential controller

Carbon Potential Controller – 2704CP / 2604CP

Product Description

  • Zirconia probe input
  • Temperature
  • Carbon, dewpoint or oxygen
  • Probe cleaning
  • Probe diagnostics
  • Math and logic
  • Open communications
Atmosphere furnace heat treatment applications

The 2704CP is a fully programmable controller suitable for precision control of temperature, carbon potential, dewpoint and oxygen in atmosphere heat treatment applications.

It is capable of being used solely to control the carbon potential, dewpoint or oxygen in a furnace, or as an integrated furnace controller where any of these variables are controlled in conjunction with temperature. Additional features provide math and combined logic functions.

Zirconia probes

At the heart of the controller is a specially designed function block capable of accepting most zirconia probes.

Standard features include an automatic probe cleaning routine, a sooting alarm and diagnostics indicating that the probe is about to fail and should be replaced.


For standard applications, controllers are shipped pre-configured to the users specification, using a simple to complete order code. User customization can be achieved by reconfiguring the controller via its front panel interface or iTools configuration software.


The 2704CP user interface offers the user an extremely easy method of editing, selecting and running programs and all programs can be given a meaningful name. Its programmer functions are very advanced and can be easily interfaced to remote instruments including specialised Mass Flow controllers. Program editing can be achieved using a PC running the iTools Setpoint Program Editor.

Atmosphere Furnace Control
  • Furnace temperature
  • Carbon potential
  • Quench temperature and timing
  • Digital control functions

In combination with the 2500 DIN rail controller, a very powerful and low cost vacuum furnace system can be implemented. The 2704CP acts as the master temperature/carbon programmer and user interface for the 2500. A typical use of the 2500 could be to implement additional control loops such as quench oil and control the logic and timing functions of the furnace.

The 2500 can measure up to 32 thermocouple inputs, fully isolated to 250Vac potential. A strategy within the 2500 can monitor all thermocouples to detect the minimum value, which can then be sent via digital or analogue communications to the 2704CP to be used as a wait condition, ensuring temperature uniformity within the furnace and provide a guaranteed soak.


A 2604CP is also available.  It incorporates a 2 line 5 digit display for display of setpoint and process value, plus an LCD text panel that the operator uses for entry of program data and other parameters.

The 2604CP is functionally capable of performing the same control strategy as the 2704CP but has a simplified user interface.