vacuum furnace control

Vacuum Furnace Controller/Programmer – 2704VC

Product Description

The 2704VC vacuum furnace control is a fully programmable controller suitable for the precision temperature and vacuum control in heat treatment applications.

A single instrument is capable of being used to control the vacuum pump down sequence of a furnace and as an integrated controller where both temperature and vacuum are controlled.  Additional features provide math and combinational logic functions.

At the heart of the vacuum controller is a specially designed function block capable of accepting up to three vacuum inputs.  Standard features include automatic and bumpless switchover between the high and low vacuum gauges and an additional input that can be used for inputs such as backing vacuum or backfill pressure.  Six switched outputs are available along with a gauge enable signal for high vacuum, roughing pump timeout alarm and a leak detection routine.

For standard applications, the 2704VC is shipped pre-configured to the users specification – defined through a simple to complete order code.  User customisation can be achieved by reconfiguring the controller via its front panel interface or using iTools configuration software.

Trending enables the user to view both current and historical information on the process variable and setpoint of each control loop.

The 2704VC user interface offers he user an extremely easy method of editing, selecting and running the programs and all programs can be given a meaningful name.

Vacuum Gauges
  • Auto hi/lo gauge selection
  • 6 setpoint outputs
  • Roughing pump timeout
  • High vacuum enable output
  • Leak detection

The 2704VC can interface directly to active vacuum gauges that output signals in the range of 0-10Vdc.  Special linearization tables have been created for many industry standard gauges and additional linearizations can be created upon request.

Two inputs are used for the high and low main chamber vacuums and a third input is available for inputs such as backing, foreline or backfill.  The total number of vacuum inputs can be as much as five.

Switchover between chamber gauges is automatic and bumpless.  To prevent damage to the high vacuum gauge, power is no applied until a preset vacuum level has been achieved.  Six vacuum setpoint outputs are available, each of which can operate on any gauge.

When the roughing pump starts, a diagnostic timer is started that generates an output if the backing vacuum does not achieve a preset vacuum level within a specified time.  A leak detection routine can also be implemented.