7200S Solid State Relay

Two Leg, Three Phase Solid State Relay – 7200S

Product Description

7200S Solid State Relay

  • Current range from 26 to 200A at 45°C
  • Voltage up to 500V
  • Logic Inputs (AC or DC)
  • 4-20mA analog input which gives time proportional output
  • Suitable for resistive loads
  • Over-temperature shutdown for fan cooled units
  • Thyristor short circuit alarm
  • Over-temperature alarm
  • Diagnostic Load Fault detection (DLF)

A range of three phase solid state contactors with integral heatsinks for use with low temperature coefficient resistive loads, 3-wire configuration in ‘star without neutral’ or ‘closed delta’.


In all cases the output is zero voltage switching.  High speed fuses are mounted external to the unit for 100A and below, internal above 100A.  They can be ordered as part of the 7200S or spare fuses / complete fuse and fuseholder assemblies can also be ordered separately.


The 7200S has an optional thyristor short circuit and total load failure alarm.  An over-temperature shut down is provided for fan cooled units and an optional over-temperature alarm is also available.

Diagnostic Load Failure detection is an option which alarms on the loss of one or more parallel heating elements (resistive).  The sensitivity is one out of four maximum.  It is auto-setting via the front panel push button.