HMT300TMK Turbine Mounting Kit for Power Turbine Intake Air Measurement

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Product Description

The Vaisala HUMICAP® Turbine Mounting Kit HMT330TMK is developed to monitor the air intake of gas and liquid fueled power turbines. HMT300TMK is used together with HMT337 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter.

  • Designed for air intake of power turbines
  • Ideal for measuring in water vapor injection applications
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Patented, warmed probe prevents condensation

To order this product, please fill out both the HMT337 order form and the HMT300TMK order form (with order code 1B1) available in ‘Product Documentation’.

Protective Enclosure The HMT300TMK includes a white, painted stainless steel enclosure with an installation kit for the probe. The HMT337 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter is installed in the stainless steel enclosure at the factory, when ordered together with HMT300TMK. The instrument can be equipped to be powered with either 24 VDC/VAC or with an internal 110/230 volt power supply unit. The outer cover protects the transmitter from direct sun light and rain. The installation kit protects the probe from outer water splashes, keeps the sensor dry, and prevents any parts that could vibrate loose from entering the turbine. The HMT300TMK can be ordered separately for installation with the customer’s existing HMT337. HUMICAP® Performance The HMT330 Series Transmitters are fitted with the latest generation of the HUMICAP®, the polymer sensor known for its accuracy, reliability and long-term stability. The sensor has a high tolerance for particulate abrasion and chemical contamination. Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HMT337 The HMT337 is intended for demanding industrial humidity measurement applications with a risk of condensation. The stainless steel probe is mechanically durable and preferred for most industrial applications.