Humidity and Temperature Probe

Vaisala INTERCAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP63

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Product Description

Vaisala INTERCAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP63

  • Fast thermal response time
  • Low power consumption
  • Start-up time < 2 s
  • Measurement range: 0 … 100 %RH; -40 … +60°C
  • Detachable cable with standard 4-pin M8 connector
  • Plastic enclosure with IP54 classification
  • Interchangeable Vaisala INTERCAP® sensor
  • Optional RS485 digital output
  • Optional dew point output

The Vaisala INTERCAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP63 is a costeffective humidity probe with plastic enclosure. It is designed for noncondensing indoor environments or integration into other manufacturers’ equipment. Easy Installation The probe fits into tight spaces. The cable has a threaded M8 connector for easy installation. Different cable lengths are available and other compatible M8-series cables can also be used. Accessories are available for different installation needs. Low Power Consumption The HMP63 is suitable for batterypowered applications thanks to its very low power consumption and fast start-up time.

Several Outputs There are two configurable voltage outputs for relative humidity, temperature, or dew point output. An alternative RS485 output is also available. Fast Thermal Response Time The HMP63 has a PC/ABS plastic enclosure. It is ideal for conditions with fast temperature changes and when standard measurement accuracy is sufficient. No Recalibration Required The HMP63 includes an interchangeable Vaisala INTERCAP® sensor. No recalibration is required – the humidity sensor can simply be replaced, even in the field.