Fixed Site Observation System

Vaisala Fixed Site Observation System AWS520

Product Description

Vaisala Fixed Site Observation System AWS520

The AWS520 is a cost-effective stand-alone weather observation and reporting system for real time aviation applications for uncategorized airports, helipads, small unmanned landing strips, and test/training ranges. It offers high performance in a very compact package, integrated upon a steady pole mast:

Key features

  • All significant aviation weather parameters measured by one compact unit installed on a 10 meter pole mast
  • Accurate measurements with built-in data validation
  • Large variety of different sensors and telemetry options
  • Suitable for the harshest arctic and coastal locations
  • Ease of use with advanced display products
  • Selected by the US Air Force for their OS21 Fixed Based System Program

The AWS520 measures all the meteorological parameters needed in aviation including

  • Wind speed and direction (Gust and Squall)
  • Atmospheric pressure (QFF, QFE, QNH, pressure tendency)
  • Air temperature and humidity (dew point)
  • Precipitation accumulation
  • Cloud height and coverage
  • Visibility
  • Precipitation type and lightning


The AWS520 is capable of reporting the prevailing weather conditions to pilots and other users by number of different media. Spoken weather reports are available through a voice module using a VHF radio transceiver or a public switch telephone line. The data reports can be also sent via hardwire modem to a standard laptop PC with software installed to display numerical and graphical data, and to automatically code METAR and SPECI aviation weather reports.

A weather-resistant pocket PC with a graphical display software is available as an easy-to-use local display and maintenance terminal.