HydroMet™ System

Vaisala HydroMet™ System MAWS100

Product Description

The Vaisala HydroMet™ System MAWS100 extends the field-proven quality and reliability of the existing Vaisala HydroMet™ Systems to new applications. The MAWS100 is a compact system for hydrometeorological monitoring when a small number of sensors is required. The MAWS100 is well suited for Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT520 and cellular telemetry.

MAWS100 uses the same field-proven and high accuracy data logger and advanced software as other Vaisala HydroMet™ Systems. Data retrieval can be done by direct link to PC via serial or TCP/IP connection, via PSTN modem or using wireless cellular telemetry links. Flexible sensor interfacing, advanced statistical calculations, extensive data logging on a compact flash memory card and versatile data reporting functions allow the MAWS100 to be customized for a variety of applications.

Power supply options MAWS100 has a low power consumption, e.g., the average power consumption is only 10 mA when measuring with five basic sensors. In many cases a solar panel with a backup battery of 5 Ah is enough for powering a MAWS100 system. A mains (AC) power supply is optional to power extended systems with frequently sending (powered) telemetry devices. Advanced telemetry The system provides interfaces with almost any type of telemetry, terminal, displays as well as smart sensors. With optional plug-in modules the number of serial ports can be enhanced from 2 up to 8 ports, enabling multiple RS-232, RS-485 and SDI-12 connections. MAWS100 can be connected directly to a LAN network using Ethernet Communication Module DSE101 offering a 10/100Base-T Ethernet. Other options for telemetry include GSM/GPRS, PSTN, and serial connections. Expandability MAWS100 is expandable with Digital I/O Unit QMI118 which adds 8 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs for sensor interfacing, power optimizing, and unmanned control functions based on user-defined requirements. Innovative in installation and maintenance MAWS100 can be equipped with innovative installation aids that significantly lower installation and maintenance costs. A single maintenance person can easily and safely tilt the Vaisala Tiltable Masts.