RDP100 Remote Display Panel

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Product Description

The Vaisala Remote Display Panel RDP100 is a digital display that shows one or two selected environmental measurement parameters. The display can be used in combination with several Vaisala humidity, temperature, dew-point, pressure, and moisture-in-oil instruments. With the HMD112 transmitter, it is an excellent choice for measuring temperature and humidity in cleanrooms. It can be easily installed in selected locations, allowing easy review of measurement data wherever it is most needed.

  • Displays one or two selected environmental parameters
  • Recessed, slim design without holes and grooves makes the device easy to clean – ideal for cleanrooms
  • Front panel materials are resistant to most commonly used cleaning agents
  • Easy to install and configure without special tools
  • Digital data communication from sensor – no calibration needed for the display
  • Compatible with the following Vaisala instruments: HMDW110 series transmitters, HMP60/63/110/113, DMT132, DMT143, DPT146, DMT152, and MMT162

Thin Front Panel is Easy to Clean Cleanroom equipment and instruments need to generate minimal contamination and be easy to clean. The RDP100’s recessed design and very thin front panel (8 mm) minimize the surface area and amount of cleaning needed. The instrument’s smooth surface does not have any holes or grooves, making it easier to keep clean and free of contamination. In addition, the front panel is made of stainless steel and glass, both of which have excellent resistance to the most commonly used detergents and disinfectants, as well as hydrogen peroxide decontamination. Fast and Easy Installation and Setup Remote displays can be difficult to install in the desired location due to complex wiring or wall structures. The display may also need a power supply, meaning additional wiring and changes in, for example, cleanroom wall structures. When the RDP100 is used together with a Vaisala HMDW110 series transmitter, the power is provided by the transmitter to the display with a single cable. This allows for quick and easy installation in various locations, as additional wiring to a power supply is not needed.