Automatic Weather Station

Vaisala Automatic Weather Station AWS310

Product Description

The Vaisala Automatic Weather Station AWS310  – an innovative solution you can count on for reliable, accurate environmental measurements. With AWS310, Vaisala has preconfigured for you a range of the best options using our long experience as automatic weather station designer and manufacturer. As a stand-alone weather data collection system, Vaisala AWS310 requires only a minimal amount of maintenance and can be depended on to perform effectively in all weather conditions and climates. It can also be customized to operate as part of your existing data collection system or AWS network.

From synoptic meteorology and climatological research, to hydrology and urban meteorology – the Vaisala AWS310 is the ideal solution for a range of applications.

The AWS310 includes:

  • Tiltable pole mast
  • Electronics enclosure
  • Mains or solar powering
  • Local and remote communications
  • Sensors
  • Mounting accessories
  • Optional data display software
  • Express spare parts

The Vaisala BAROCAP® Pressure Module has excellent accuracy, repeatibility and long-term stability over a wide range of operating temperatures. Two versions of the pressure module are available, with Class A or Class B factory calibration. The total accuracy with factory calibration is ± 0.15 hPa (Class A) or ± 0.25 hPa (Class B). The pressure module is well suited for demanding synoptic applications, and an affordable choice for Vaisala automatic weather stations utilizing the Vaisala Data Logger QML201. The fine adjustment and calibration of the sensor are handled using the electronic working standards, which are traceable to international standards (NIST). The pressure module can be calibrated independently of the QML201 data logger. The pressure module is located on the QML201 CPU board. The pressure range of the sensor is 500 … 1100 hPa and operating temperature range -40 …+60 °C.