HydroMet™ System

Vaisala HydroMet™ System MAWS110

Product Description

The Vaisala HydroMet™ System MAWS110 is a compact, robust and easy to use system which provides quality controlled data for both  meteorological and hydrological applications. The system is especially designed for unattended operations requiring high reliability and accuracy at sites with the mains power and with battery back-up. The MAWS110 uses a field proven and high accuracy data logger and advanced software. Every system can be individually equipped with the sensor and telemetry devices of your choice to provide the most economical and optimized turnkey solution for your every application.

  • Easy and economical  to install, maintain and upgrade
  • Field-proven reliability and accuracy in harsh environments
  • Low power consumption for extended remote operations
  • Wide selection of sensors and telemetry options
  • Extensive calculation and data logging capacity
  • Open and modular design allows high level of customization
  • Low Total-Life-Cycle Cost

Variety of applications MAWS110 provides quality controlled data in different applications in the areas of meteorology and hydrology. It is especially designed for unmanned operations at remote sites requiring high reliability and low power consumption with expandability. MAWS110 uses a field-proven and high accuracy Vaisala data logger technology with advanced software. Each system provides the most economical and optimized product for your application. Ease of use and maintenance The system architecture is specially designed to support a broad range of analog and serial sensors. In MAWS110 all sensors and telemetry devices are connected to the system using high-quality polyurethane cables with IP68 connectors allowing quick and trouble-free installation. Sensor measurements, statistical calculations, data logging and data transmissions are performed according to a user-configured setup made with the user-friendly Vaisala Setup Software Lizard. All LRU modules inside the enclosure are mounted on DIN rails or replaceable units. Field-proven reliability MAWS110 enclosures feature IP66 (NEMA4X) protection. All the inputs have transient protection and all mains power and RF inputs are surge protected.