Vaisala HydroMet™ System MAWS301

Product Description

Vaisala HydroMet™ System MAWS301

The Vaisala HydroMet™ System MAWS301 is a compact, robust and easy to use system providing quality controlled data both in meteorological and hydrological applications. These are especially designed for unattended operations at remote sites requiring high reliability, low power consumption and extended back-up battery capacity. The MAWS301 uses a field proven and high accuracy data logger and advanced software. The MAWS301 enclosure has enough space for equipping it with the sensor and telemetry devices of your choice to provide the most economical and optimized turnkey solution for your every application.

  • Easy and economical  to install, maintain and upgrade
  • Field-proven reliability and accuracy in harsh environments
  • Low power consumption for extended remote operations
  • Wide selection of sensors and telemetry options
  • Extensive calculation and data logging capacity
  • Open and modular design allows high level of customization
  • Low Total-Life-Cycle Cost

Variety of applications MAWS301 is a compact, robust and easy-to-use system which provides quality controlled data in applications including climatology, synoptical observation, meteorology, hydrology and aviation weather – even concurrently.

MAWS301 is an optimal choice for National Meteorological Institutes in the modernization of their measurement networks, hydrological institutes, nuclear power plants, wind energy farms, and TV stations to support their mission-critical needs. MAWS301 is especially designed for unmanned operations at remote sites requiring high reliability and low power consumption with ultimate expandability.

Enhanced precision with ease of use MAWS301 uses a field-proven and high accuracy data logger with advanced software to support a broad range of analog and serial sensors. Sensor measurements, statistical calculations, data logging on a compact flash card and versatile data transmissions are performed according to a user-configured setup made with user-friendly Vaisala Setup Software Lizard. Power supply options MAWS301 has low power consumption. The 11 Watt solar panel is enough for powering a basic MAWS301 system. A 33 Watt or even 65 Watt solar panel as well as a mains (AC) power supply are optional to power extended systems with telemetry devices. Available backup batteries range up to 52 Ah.

Advanced telemetry The system provides interfaces with almost any type of telemetry, terminal, displays as well as smart sensors. With optional plug-in modules the number of serial ports can be enhanced from 2 up to 8 ports, enabling multiple RS-232, RS-485 and SDI-12 connections. MAWS301 can be connected directly to a LAN network using Ethernet Communication Module DSE101 offering a 10/100Base-T Ethernet. Other options for telemetry include various wireless, landline, and satellite devices. Expandability MAWS301 is expandable with, e.g., the Vaisala Sensor Multiplexer QMU101 offering additional 10 differential analog channels. The Vaisala Digital I/O Unit QMI118 adds