Beamex CMX Enterprise Software

Beamex CMX Enterprise Calibration Software

Product Description

Beamex CMX Enterprise Software

Beamex CMX Enterprise Software. Typically, large corporations have had to depend on multiple calibration software installations to meet the needs of all of the various plants in the corporation. This type of software solution for calibration management is quite complex and it is also difficult to manage efficiently on corporate level. Accessing different calibration assets may be complicated and finding areas of improvement is difficult. CMX Enterprise takes calibration management to a higher level. One floating server installation of CMX Enterprise in the corporate server and all plants can share the same system and database worldwide. With an unlimited number of positions in a database and all the features of CMX software as standard, CMX Enterprise meets the needs of corporations with large calibration assets and multiple plants. Storing information pertaining to calibration procedures in one database and sharing similar procedures on the corporate level increases the productivity of the company’s workforce and makes the entire calibration system more efficient. Making conclusions, improving operations and analyzing calibration results is also much easier.

CMX Enterprise is an all-in-one solution for calibration management:
• Meets all essential regulatory requirements (ISO, FDA, etc.).
• All plants worldwide are able to share the same system and database.
• Database with unlimited number of positions.
• Automated procedures increase productivity.
• All features of CMX calibration software as standard.
• Many customization possibilities.
• Can be integrated to a maintenance management system (e.g. SAP, Maximo).
• Optional Software Service Agreement offers automatic software upgrades.
• 4th generation Beamex Calibration Management Software (started in 1984).

CMX Enterprise is a calibration management solution that delivers corporate-level value:
• Ability to analyze and determine the right calibration interval on company level.
• Improved productivity through automated calibration procedures.
• Easy and safe documentation of calibration information.
• Improved quality of stored calibration results.
• Increased productivity and efficiency through sharing the same system and procedures.
• Beamex’s support during the use of the system.