eurotherm 4103c/m

100mm Strip Chart Recorders – 4103C/M

Product Description

The eurotherm 4103c/m is a high specification, 100mm strip chart recorder, providing continuous recording for up to 6 Process Variables. Information such as channel descriptor, alarm set point and scale information can be viewed on a high resolution VFD display. Process variables including messages can be archived to an optional removable media. These units can be programmed on site via the user interface or a configuration file can be transferred using a PCMCIA card.

  • Informative display
  • Electronic data archiving
  • Digital communications
  • Derived parameter calculation
  • Flexibility through configuration

As well as displaying the process variables as a numeric value the 4103 also provides a bargraph indication. The display will cycle through PV’s configured to appear in the Display group. Additional information including the channel descriptor, scale information and alarm set points can be viewed using the operator key.

Math pack

The addition of the advanced math pack option provides the 4103 with 16 derived channels and the ability to carry out complex calculations such as relative humidity and mass flow. Derived channels can be added to the log and display groups for trending and archiving as required.

Data archiving

Two log groups are available for sending tabular data to the chart or PCMCIA card. Either log groups can be initiated to print on the chart. Log group 2 can also be archived to a PC Card automatically at predetermined intervals. Data can be archived as either ASCII for use in spreadsheet, or Packed for viewing using Eurotherm Review software.


User configuration is password protected. In addition to instrument configuration selected fields can be defined for operator access. These fields will be enabled in the operator access menu.