100mm strip chart recorder

4102C / 4102M 100mm Strip Chart Recorders

Product Description

  • Entry Level Paper chart recorders
  • General purpose chart recorders
  • Pre-configured or user configurable
  • OEM products


The 4102 are low cost, 100mm strip chart recorders, providing recording for up to 4 (continuous pen) or 6 (multi-point) process variables. Designed to fit a standard DIN panel cut out (138 x 138 mm), these recorders feature an exceptionally small back panel dimension of 236mm with the cover fitted, that makes them ideal for installations where space is at a premium.


The 4102 is supplied with a high visibility, seven segment display – providing clear numeric indication of the process variables and alarm status.  The display will cycle through each PV and paused on a particular channel if required.


The addition of a keypad to the 4102 allows for configuration to be carried out on site.  In order to prevent unauthorized access to the 4102, the configuration is password protected.  Entry of the password provides access to the instrument configuration pages.

Modular design

The modular design of the 4100 Series allows for changes and upgrades to be performed while the instruments are in ‘situ’ and therefore minimizing any downtime.

Steriliser Option 4101/2

This option offers four inputs to control chart on/off and annotation of events. Contact 1, when closed the chart runs normally. When open the pens are parked at Zero and the chart winds on 80mm. Contact 2, applies to annotating recorders only. When closed the current time and date is printed, and as long as the contact remains closed the chart will run at its selected speed, with annotation inhibited. Once the contact goes open the pens are zeroed; the time date, scales and chart speed are printed and the chart is advanced by 80mm and stopped. Contact 3, applies to annotating recorders only. On closure the message “EVENT START HH:MM:SS” is printed, where HH:MM:SS show the time of closure in hours, minutes and seconds. On the contact opening, the message “DURATION HH:MM:SS” is printed, where HH:MM:SS shows how long the contact was closed, therefore providing Sterilisation time. Contact 4, If either contact 1 or 2 is closed then pen 4 (continuous) or pen 6 (multipoint ) is used to show the status of Contact 4. Whilst contact 4 is open the trace is at 100%, whilst closed the trace is at 96%.