DPT146 Dewpoint and Pressure Transmitter for Compressed Air

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Product Description


​ The Vaisala Dewpoint and Pressure Transmitter DPT146 for Compressed Air makes monitoring compressed air simple and convenient. The DPT146 measures both dew point and process pressure simultaneously, and is ideal choise for anyone using or monitoring compressed air.

  • The first transmitter that monitors both dew point and process pressure
  • A simple and convenient transmitter for monitoring of compressed air
  • Highly accurate humidity information thanks to dew point data coupled with live pressure input
  • Proven sensor technology
  • Compatible with the Vaisala Hand-Held DM70 for easy spot checking, local display and data logging
  • Pressure: 1…12 bar
  • Dew point: -60 … +30 °C (-76 … +86 °F) Tdf with accuracy of  ±2 °C (±3.6 °F)
  • Digital output RS-485 with MODBUS

​​Don’t miss the compressed air measurement specific web page, where you can find material such as facts and figures, animations, application notes etc. ​

A Unique Combination of Two World-Class Sensors The DPT146 combines the knowledge of more than 20 years of sensortechnology development. Proven measurements from the DRYCAP® sensor for dew point and the BAROCAP® sensor for pressure are now combined into one easy-to-use transmitter. Convenience with Proven Performance Well-developed technology brings both proven results and convenience. Spot-checking and verification of dew point is easy thanks to fully compatible Vaisala DRYCAP® HandHeld Dewpoint Meter DM70. The DM70 can also be used as a local display and data logger. Temperature measurement is available when the RS485 is in use.