melt pressure controller

2604/2704 Extrusion Melt Pressure Controllers

Product Description

  • Melt pressure control
  • Suitable for 4 or 6 wire transducers
  • Pre-screen pressure monitor and alarm
  • Pressure alarms
  • Simple calibration
  • Fieldbus communication options

The 2704MP (and 2604MP) is a fully programmable melt pressure controller, suitable for precision pressure control in the plastic extrusion industries.

In its basic format the 2704MP standard hardware includes an input for melt pressure measurement, an analog output to drive the extruder screw and alarms to detect high and low pressure conditions.  Additionally, a second pressure input can be connected providing the facility to put a differential pressure alarm across the screen.  Automatic transducer calibration procedures and 5Vdc or 10Vdc transducer power supplies are provided for both inputs.

For standard applications, controllers are shipped pre-configured to the user’s specification – using a simple to complete order code.  User customisation can be achieved by reconfiguring the controller via its front panel interface or the iTools configuration software.

Extrusion control system

In combination with the Mini8® DIN rail controller, a very low cost extrusion control system can be implemented.  The 2704MP acts as the master melt pressure controller.  It also provides an operator interface to view parameters and change setpoints of the temperature zones implemented in the Mini8 controller.  Each Mini8 controller base unit can implement up to 16 control loops.

Extrusion control system

10 temperature zones can be easily displayed and supervised by the 2704MP.  Additionally, extra parameters such as extruder Amps and RPM can be measured by the Mini8 controller and displayed on the 2704MP.


The modular build of the 2704 provides the user with a selection of communication protocols.  Modbus RTU, Profibus and DeviceNet® communications are available for connection to supervisory computers or programmable controllers.

Additionally a Modbus Master port can be used to communicate to a host of slave devices including other temperature control products.  For example, the 2704MP can be used as a master to a number of model 3508 slave temperature controllers.  Each 3508 can switch up to 29 setpoints by using the multiplexor blocks.  Setpoints can be selected automatically via the 2704MP user interface – providing a simple recipe management system.